Student Leadership

We believe all our students have the potential to be positive leaders in our school. Elmwood students at all levels have many opportunities to develop and demonstrate leadership skills.


Being elected a Prefect is considered an honour and a privilege. It requires tremendous commitment and dedication from those elected. Prefects are expected to lead by example and be positive role models for all other students in all areas of school life. Elmwood Prefects are required to demonstrate their best effort in the classroom, participate in and support school life activities, adhere to school rules and regulations, wear the School uniform in an exemplary manner, and demonstrate positive leadership attributes such as integrity, responsibility, commitment, and respect. Through attitudes and actions, Prefects are to instil a sense of pride in Elmwood’s traditions, the history, the decorum, and the School culture.    

Head Girl Sophia Moloo
Senior Prefect Madighan Ryan
Middle School Prefect Emily Sinclair
Junior School Prefect Grace Kremmel
Head of Fry Angelika Boehm
Head of Keller Wendy Yuan
Head of Nightingale Serena Chen
Head of Wilson Rowan Burke
Sports Captain Marissa Wu
Arts Prefect Zahra Robertson
Community Prefect Avery Parkinson
Student Ambassador Prefect Madeleine Forcese


Councils at Elmwood

Students in Senior School and Middle School are elected to House Council by their House peers. House Council representatives meet regularly, and provide support to Elmwood’s Prefects and traditional House activities. Representatives serve as a voice for other students in their grade and House, promote activities within their grade and House, and initiate, organize, assist, and facilitate activities for the overall student body.  Examples of other councils include: Athletics Council, Arts Council, etc. 

Duke of Edinburgh’s Award Programme/Outdoor Expeditions

The Duke of Edinburgh’s Award Young Canadians Challenge is an exciting self-development programme available to all young people, equipping them with life skills to make a difference to themselves, their communities and their country. It complements academic studies with co-curricular activities that strengthen students’ sense of responsibility and enriches their surrounding community. Each year students participate in the Bronze, Silver and Gold levels by meeting the requirements through the four Programme elements: 

Community Service - The emphasis of this section is the regular giving of a service. This requirement also fulfills the high school diploma requirement of 40 hours of community service upon graduation.
Outdoor Expedition - The expedition is designed to cultivate a spirit of adventure and discovery; an understanding of the environment, and the importance of working together in a team with a common purpose. The expeditions vary each year and at each level, proper training and preparation, self-sufficiency, self-reliance and the exploration of new surroundings are the key elements. Some examples of expeditions include dog sledding, white water canoeing and hiking the Appalachian Trail.
Skills - To encourage the development of personal interests and learn practical skills.  Skills can include such hobbies as photography, web design, music, singing, crafts, language acquisition.
Physical Recreation -To encourage improved performance and physical fitness.

Participants are required to take part in some form of organized physical recreation program or personal training program and show individual progress.  Most team and individual sports are included, such as football, athletics, archery, swimming and canoeing.  The list is endless, depending on what appeals to you. 

MS/SS Homeroom Groups

Elmwood is committed to ensuring that all students have a successful experience. Each year students are assigned to a homeroom. The teacher advisor will guide and support the HR students and have an overview of a student’s needs and progress, and is the key contact person in the school for those concerned with their progress. During homeroom students and teachers have regular contact as well as extended homeroom periods to discuss specific items such as goals, academic workload and co-curricular and community involvement. Students meet with their HR daily for attendance and announcements.