Key Faculty Contacts

While the first and best point of contact for a family or a student is the homeroom teacher, the following key faculty contacts can be reached by email or by phone.

Deputy Head, Junior School
Christine Blackadar
613-749-6761 ext. 303 

Deputy Head, Middle/Senior School
Meagan Enticknap
613-749-6761 ext. 235

Director of Health, Safety and Wellness
Frances Marchand
613-749-6761 ext.  296

Director of Student Success
Katie Fraser
613-749-6761 ext. 260

IB PYP Coordinator
Kate Meadowcroft
613-749-6761 ext. 320

Director of University Counseling and IB MYP Coordinator
Alyson Barlett
613-749-6761 ext. 260

IB Diploma Coordinator 
Jason Levesque
613-749-6761 ext. 260

Director of Athletics (Middle/Senior School) and Phys. Ed. Instructional Leader
Erin Derbyshire
613-749-6761 ext. 293*

Student Success Coach
Jennifer Howell

Director of Technology
Matt Perreault

Instructional Leader, Languages
Elizabeth Ellison
613-749-6761 ext. 410*

Instruction Leader, Math and Grade 11/12 Team Lead
Stephanie Chin
613-749-6761 ext. 475*

Instructional Leader, Sciences
Dr. Nathan Harris
613-749-6761 ext. 405*

Instruction Leader, English
Teresa Marquis
613-749-6761 ext. 483*

Grade 6 - 8 Grade Team Lead
Nadine Kilbertus
613-749-6761 ext. 335*

Grade 9 & 10 Team Lead
Ivan Sambles
613-749-6761 ext. 466*

Student Life Coordinator and Instructional Leader Humanities
Jen Walsh (currently on maternity leave)