Dress Code

Students at Elmwood School have been wearing a uniform for over 100 years. It continues to be an important part of the school’s tradition and promotes the sharing of a common outlook, behaviours and attitudes within the school. Students are encouraged to seek individual expression through positive actions and achievements rather than through their manner of dress or presentation. Parents are expected to support the school by ensuring students have all the required uniform items clean and in good repair.

  • The School reserves the right to request that students wear only regulation uniform items.
  • Students must arrive at school and leave at the end of the day in proper uniform.  They should wear weather-appropriate outerwear as required and boots worn to school must be replaced with black shoes once in school.  While black polishable dress shoes are preferred, any polishable black shoe will be acceptable. 
  • The only visible jewellery items permitted with the uniform are small stud earrings or hoops, a ring, a bracelet and a watch.
  • No make-up should be worn by Junior School students.  Make-up and nail polish worn by Middle and Senior school students in uniform should be natural-looking and subtle.
  • Hair should be worn neatly and off the face. Ribbons and hairbands should be dark green, white, black or the school’s tartan. Hair should look natural in colour- no colour, highlights, streaks or extensions. 
  • Visible tattoos or piercings, other than ear piercing, are not permitted.
  • Purses are not worn with the uniform.
  • If a student is unable to wear regulation clothing for medical reasons, a medical certificate is required and submitted to the Director of Health, Safety and Wellness..
  • For Health and Safety reasons, proper footwear is to be worn at all times in the building.
  • All items of clothing, including shoes and boots, must be labelled with the student’s name in full (no initials, please).
  • Students may wear their summer uniform (Number 2) from May 1st until the November long weekend unless otherwise advised by the Deputy Head.
Uniform Infractions

Students should wear their uniform consistently and with pride. Faculty will follow a uniform checking process daily and determine sanctions as appropriate. These sanctions include conduct warnings, detentions, and in some cases, students will be sent home to rectify their uniform.

Lost Items

Items that are misplaced throughout the school year can often be found in the Pound. Those items with current name labels attached can easily be returned to their owners. The remainder of the items are cleared out at the end of each school term or when the accumulation of items so warrants. These items are either given to the Uniform Shop for resale or to a local charity.

The Uniform Shop

Uniforms, accessories and spiritwear can now be purchased through our new online store.  The Elmwood School Uniform Shop can be accessed here and complete uniform guidelines can be found here.  

Orders are fulfilled by our Uniform Shop volunteers. Email notifications will confirm when an order is ready for pick-up at Elmwood School.  Private shopping sessions can be booked by emailing the Uniform Shop.