Co-curricular activities are integral to fostering the holistic development of our students and maintaining a positive, productive and enjoyable learning environment. Co-curricular opportunities help students grow beyond the classroom. 

The selection of co-curricular activities for Junior School students takes place at the beginning of each new term. The list of activities available to students is traditionally communicated to the parent community through Schoology, followed by registration forms, additional information and any associated costs (when applicable). Junior School co-curricular activities are supervised by an Elmwood staff member at all times and where appropriate area experts are invited to facilitate clubs and activities. 

The selection of co-curriculars is completed each term by Middle and Senior School students after carefully considering the options presented by Elmwood advisors and coaches. Students are expected to understand and respect the commitment required by each activity. Depending on the nature of the activity, coaches and advisors may ask students and parents to sign a commitment contract acknowledging the student’s responsibility to meet the requirement of the activity while still meeting academic requirements. Students must be realistic and consider how they will balance all of the demands on their time (i.e. academics, arts, athletics, clubs and community service/involvement). Students are encouraged to speak directly with the staff advisor or coach of the activities they are interested in pursuing when considering matters of time management and overall commitment to co-curricular participation. 

It is the role and responsibility of the School, in consultation with parents, to take action to curtail involvement when students over-commit and concerns around time management surface. If the problem persists, it is at the discretion of the advisor to counsel the student out of the activity if necessary. This would be a last resort action, but will be enforced if necessary. Parents will be advised of the process.

We encourage all students to participate in at least one co-curricular per term in order to contribute to and benefit from a full Elmwood experience and community.