Bistro (Meal Plan)

What we eat has a profound effect on our mood, behaviour, health, growth and even our ability to concentrate. It’s not surprising that research has shown that healthy, balanced meals improve students’ concentration, attention, energy levels and academic performance. We kept this top-of-mind when developing our food service program at Elmwood.

Our experienced and creative Bistro staff have a range of menus planned that are delicious, healthy, and all made from scratch. Many of our ingredients are supplied by local farmers and our own organic garden. In addition to hot meals, the Bistro also offers a variety of freshly prepared snacks and à la carte items, with gluten free and vegetarian options available every day.

The Junior School Meal Plan includes a main meal as well as morning and afternoon healthy snacks. The Middle and Senior School Meal Plan has slightly larger portions and includes a choice of main meal, fresh fruit and flavoured water. 

Bistro Menus

Junior School Menu

Middle/Senior Menu

The Bistro is supplied by many local producers, including: Suntech Tomato Farm, Mariposa Farms, Le Coprin Mushroom Farm, Jambican Farm, Beking Eggs, The Whalesbone Sustainable Fish and Hall’s Apple Orchard.

The Bistro staff, in cooperation with the Health and Safety Committee, have worked hard to develop a Bistro Program that will offer healthy and delicious food to students and convenience to families while still ensuring adherence to the current public health requirements and guidelines. 

Participating in the Elmwood Bistro Program

Meal Plan: $1850 per year (pro-rated as required)
Relax knowing that your daughter is getting a healthy lunch all year long.

À la carte: $50 or $100 or unlimited per month (available for Middle/Senior students ONLY)
You can add a monthly dollar amount to the meal plan for occasional snacks or extra meals. Or, instead of committing to the year you can simply pay as you go. Choose a monthly dollar amount and your daughter is free to choose what she likes. Your account is only charged for the purchases made.

Bistro Plan 2022/23


I authorize Elmwood School to charge my account for the following:
À la carte (monthly amount indicated below) This is available for Middle and Senior Students ONLY!
This is available for Middle and Senior Students ONLY!
If your daughter doesn't have any food allergies please type N/A. ​​​