Attendance Policy

In accordance with the Ministry of Education, it is the expectation of Elmwood School that students attend school and all classes daily.  

We understand that absences due to illness, unforeseen emergencies, or involvement in school activities are expected at times. In such cases, the student and parent’s responsibility is to notify the school/classroom teacher to ensure appropriate planning for missed classwork is discussed with the classroom teacher and student collaboratively. Records explaining absences will be kept with the teacher and the school for future reference should there be any concern regarding academic progress or credit completion.

Unexplained absences are a discipline issue and will be dealt with according to the School’s behaviour policy.

Furthermore, in accordance with Ontario Ministry Guidelines, it is the decision of the School to determine the maximum number of absences permitted, which will still allow a student to pass a grade or receive a credit in a specific course, should a student have chronic and excessive absences noted in school or in a specific class. The Ministry of Education requires all credit courses to be a minimum of 110 hours. 

If a student’s attendance is causing concern and placing their course in jeopardy, the Deputy Head will alert them. If this continues to be a concern, the student and parent will meet with the subject teacher and the Deputy Head.

The following guideline will serve as basic indicators for students, parents and teachers to ensure a student’s attendance is discussed where there might be a concern about credit completion:

  • At the point where a student is falling below 95% attendance, the teacher will speak to the student about the concern and notify the Deputy Head and the Guidance department.
  • If the problem of attendance persists to a degree where the course credit is in jeopardy, the Guidance Team and/or the Deputy Head will arrange a meeting with the student, teacher and parents. 

Note: For a student to reach their academic potential in a course and master content and concepts taught, daily attendance is still the minimum expectation.

Absences for Assessments 

In all cases, other than illness or an unforeseen emergency, a student who will be absent on the day of a scheduled test or assignment must make prior arrangements with their teacher. If the absence is not for a school-sanctioned event, an email or letter from a parent must be provided to the teacher.  The student must complete the assessment immediately upon return to school. It is the responsibility of the student to make an arrangement with the teacher to do so.

Absences for Final Assessments

Attendance for Final Assessments is mandatory. 

Absences and Attendance at Co-curricular and Sporting Events

If a student is absent during the academic day, they may not attend any after-school co-curricular or sporting events.  

Finally, Elmwood School is fortunate to have a generous holiday schedule for students. We strongly discourage Elmwood families from taking vacation at times outside of the established vacation periods due to the possible negative impact on engagement and academic progress.