STEM Mini-Medical School: Global Doctors DNA

For Girls entering Grades 7 – 9 in September 2019
Instructor: Dr. Angela Johnston*
Dates: July 8 - 12, 2019
HALF-DAY: 9 a.m. – 12 p.m.
Cost: $280

Elmwood’s popular Mini-Medical School returns in 2019, with our “medical students” working with Dr. Angela Johnston to explore the exciting microscopic world of DNA, examine how DNA determines who we are as individuals, and investigate its roles in biotechnology, forensics and medicine.  Students will conduct a variety of experiments, such as extracting DNA, examining cells and DNA under a microscope, and transferring DNA between species to create a genetically-modified organism.  Students will also examine the connection between genetics and forensics through an investigation of the genetic variation between individuals.  Throughout the week, participants will work collaboratively to create cellular and molecular models, share thoughts on the social and environmental impacts of genetic engineering, and examine the exciting future of DNA-based therapeutics and delivery systems.  On Friday, our "medical students" will share their findings with family and friends. 

*Dr. Angela Johnston is a highly experienced high school science teacher and former member of the Elmwood School faculty.