Camps for Girls

Located in the Rockcliffe Park neighbourhood of Ottawa and open to all girls (non-students and students alike), our day camps have just the right mix of active play, learning and creative exploration. Our campers experience new challenges, develop new friendships and enjoy a wide range of fun hands-on activities within Elmwood School’s safe and caring girl-centric environment.

Elmwood's Camps for Girls offers: 
    •    Discovery Camps (ages 4 - 12)
    •    Skills Academy  (ages 7 - 17)
    •    Summer Credit Courses (ages 14 - 18)

Get ready for a fun and friendship-filled camp at Elmwood! All girls are welcome!


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Why choose Elmwood Discovery Camps for Girls?

Between the exciting weekly camp themes, the guest visitors, the field trips and the delicious Elmwood Bistro snacks and lunches, there are lots of things that make Elmwood Camps special.  Here are the top five, according to our parents and campers!

  1. New Friendships
    Elmwood Discovery Camps welcome girls from all over Ottawa. Whether they are ‘old girls’ of the school, starting at Elmwood the following year, or at another school, every girl will quickly find herself relaxing and making friends. Thanks to the support of the counsellors and their careful planning, all girls feel included and welcomed.
  2. Learn New Skills and Try New Things
    Each week has an exciting new theme for campers to enjoy. Elmwood Discovery Camps create a caring and positive environment for girls to learn through exploration and play. They are provided with appropriate instruction and equipment to enable them to develop their athletic, creative, artistic and social skills. Whether they are trying a new food for snack or lunch, making a new friend or experimenting with a new material, our campers are sure to acquire wonderful new skills and experiences!
  3. Self Esteem and Independence
    During camp, the girls have the opportunity to make decisions without their parents or usual friends around them. They participate in activities that enable them to succeed and accomplish something new each day. Guided by our experienced counsellors, campers develop resilience, becoming more confident about themselves and their world.
  4. Stay Active
    Campers spend much of the day outside in Elmwood’s beautiful, green campus, moving, running, jumping and playing. Each day is full of action and new discoveries, providing a wonderful opportunity to keep physically active. They are also able to rediscover their creative side away from television, Facebook and other isolating technologies.
  5. Experienced, highly trained counsellors
    Our camp counsellors are experienced and highly trained. They are generally qualified teachers, and they value each child as a unique individual. Our staff-student ratio is very low, and each age group benefits from interaction with additional volunteers from Elmwood’s high school.  In addition this year, Elmwood’s Early Childhood Educator will be working alongside our Kinder Counsellor with our youngest campers.