Our Vision: Whole Girl. Whole World.


This is a place where girls are inspired to become the best they can be.


Here girls ask questions, engage deeply and pursue their passions.


This is a place where girls discover who they are.


Here girls think creatively, explore and take risks.


This is a place of community, connection and collaboration.


Here girls who want to change the world become the women who do.

All Girls Advantage

Research shows that in an all-girls environment, girls tend to take more risks, are more comfortable with making mistakes, and are more engaged in their learning.

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We believe that the best kind of education is one that combines a world-class curriculum, passionate teachers, innovative teaching methods and small class sizes so every student gets individual attention. Elmwood’s curriculum exceeds the expectations of the provincial curriculum and is more rigorously evaluated than any other school in Ottawa. 

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Whole Girl

Developing confident, engaged and healthy girls requires balance. Life outside of the classroom at Elmwood complements and enhances the academic program and reflects the needs and interests of today’s girls. Clubs, sports teams, student government and the House system offer numerous opportunities to explore passions and connect with those who share them.

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Elmwood students have many opportunities to develop teamwork, communication and leadership skills both in and out of the classroom. Student government at Elmwood is the perfect training ground for future leaders and informed, engaged citizens. Our prefects, led by the Head Girl, generate school spirit, lead and encourage community service and giving back, and act as the voice of the whole student body. Students also lead clubs, sports teams and the Duke of Edinburgh program, and they mentor younger students and act as student ambassadors during school events, tours and open houses.

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Graduate Success

The success of our approach to academics is reflected in the success of our graduates. 100% of Elmwood graduates go on to pursue post-secondary education at leading universities. Year-on-year, more than 90% of our graduates earn university academic and merit scholarships to Canadian and international universities, totalling an average of $1.2 million each year. Over the past five years, 90% of Elmwood’s graduates were Ontario Scholars. From here, the sky is the limit for Elmwood students.  For our Class of 2020, 94% of our graduates received over $866,000 worth of scholarships this year alone.

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