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Considering an independent school for your daughter?

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Choosing an independent school for your daughter is an important decision for a family, and it requires plenty of research. The process often involves balancing competing priorities from the practical to the more visionary.

In the end, the “right” choice is the one that is the best fit for your daughter and your family– the one that ensures she continues her growth and fulfills her potential and that you are supported by a community of like-minded families and educators. 

Our worksheet will help you:

  • ask the practical questions that will help you evaluate your school options
  • determine which school is the best fit for your family 
  • feel confident in making this key decision in your daughter's life 

She is so excited to come to school every day. Her classmates have been so welcoming and the teachers have made sure her transition, academically and socially, has been seamless.

Parent of a new Grade 3 student