Next stop: unstoppable.

As we close another year of Elmwood excellence, we reflect on all our students have accomplished, and look with excitement to what’s next. In spite of challenges to the learning environment, our incredibly resilient students are going on to begin new and exciting chapters around the world. But first, here’s what they have accomplished:

More than $11.5 million awarded in scholarship offers.

56% accepted enrolment in STEM programs, 32% in Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences, 10% in Commerce and Business and 2% in Visual and Creative Arts. 

  • 97% of students graduated Ontario Scholars. 

Accepted around the world, with 12% International acceptance, 9% US, 51% Ontario, and 28% in the rest of Canada.

Hana Abdelwahab
Carleton University, Azrieli School of Architecture & Urbanism
Bachelor of Architectural
Studies-Design (BAS)

Emma Bickerton
Acadia University, Ivan Curry School of Engineering
Bachelor of Engineering and
Applied Science (CAS, BASc)

Grace Blakslee
Queen’s University, Faculty of Education 
Concurrent Education/Fine Art

Angelika Boehm
University of Toronto,
St. Michael’s Campus

Social Sciences (HBA)

Alexandra Boushey
University of Toronto,
Rotman School of Management

Bachelor of Commerce (BCom)

Sofie Briggs
Vrije University of Amsterdam
International Business

Administration (IBA)

Rowan Burke
Queen’s University
Engineering (BASc)

Kaylah Carruthers
Concordia University
Psychology/Art History (BA)

Serena Chen
Western University
Medical Sciences (BMSc/BSc)

Madison Conrad
St. Francis Xavier University
Forensic Psychology (BA)

Meredith Denison
Dalhousie University
Faculty of Science (BSc)

Sofia Des Rosiers
Western University
Medical Sciences (BMSc/BSc)

Alia Fanous
Carleton University
Faculty of Arts (BA)

Zein Fanous
Algonquin College
Music, Media and Film Foundations

Madeleine Forcese
University of Ottawa
Chemical Engineering

Kimberly Gao
University of Waterloo
Biomedical Science (BSc)

Justine Haziza
Acadia University
Biology (BSc)

Lauren Jane Hudson
University of Texas at Austin
McCombs School of Business (BBA)

Lydia James-Brennan
Western University
Biological Sciences (BSc)

Anne Karwath
AMD- Academy of Fashion and
Design, Munich

Interior Design (BA)

Jasmine Khosla
Acadia University
Environmental and Sustainability Studies (BA)

Saffron Klotz
Gap Year
International Ski Racing Academy (ISRA), Italy

Charlotte Kowal
University of British Columbia
Faculty of Arts (BA)

Grace Kremmel
Dalhousie University
Faculty of Health, Kinesiology

Zoe Kuiack
Queen’s University
QuARMS (Queen’s Accelerated
Route to Medicine)
Queen’s Commitment Scholars Award

Wing Yu (Chloe) Kwan 
University of Southern California
Interactive Entertainment (BA)

Jennifer Martens
Queen’s University
Bachelor of Science (BSc Hons)

Amy McKellar
University of Victoria
Gustavson School of Business (BCom)

Charlotte McLaughlin
Auburn University
School of Architecture, Planning
and Landscape Architecture

Isabella Mechaalani
University of Ottawa
Biomedical Science (BSc)

Sophia Moloo
University of North Carolina
at Chapel Hill

Applied Physical Sciences (BSc)
Morehead-Cain Scholarship

Avery Parkinson
McMaster University
Faculty of Engineering (BEng)
Loran Scholarship and STEAM
Horizon Award

Zahra Robertson
University of Toronto,
St. George Campus

Faculty of Architecture,
Landscape and Design (BA)

Madighan Ryan
University of St. Andrews,

International Relations and Sustainable Development
(MA Honours)
McEuen Scholarship

Anna Sambles
University of Guelph
Biological Science (BSc)

Emily Sinclair
Western University
Health Sciences, Kinesiology

Victoria Smyth
Acadia University
Biology (BSc)

Lucia Strkalj
University of Amsterdam
Political Science (BSc)

Mackenzie Watson
Queen’s University
Life and Physical Sciences (BScH)

Marissa Wu
Dalhousie University
Faculty of Health, Kinesiology (BSc)

Alvina Yang
University of Toronto,
St. George Campus

Computer Science (HBSc)

Wendy Yuan
University of Toronto
Social Sciences (HBA)

Anastasia Zorchinsky
Concordia University
John Molson School of Business (BCom)

Congratulations, Class of 2022! 

Her future starts here

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