University Counselling

At Elmwood, our formal university counselling program is scaffolded throughout a student’s high school years. With the help of Mrs. Alyson Bartlett, Elmwood’s Director of Academic and University Counselling, students are carefully guided through the process at various grades with current and accurate information. Information is disseminated to students through a variety of forums including: one-on-one individual student meetings, group/grade meetings, the University Information Group on Schoology, parent and student presentation evenings. In addition, each year, Elmwood hosts over 30 different post-secondary institutions for info sessions. 

Although formal individual discussions are not part of the process in Grade 9, at this grade, students are encouraged to set appropriate goals for themselves, take a breadth of courses, and engage in a variety of activities to ensure they begin to discover interests. 

In Grade 10, students slowly become familiarized with university websites and the vocabulary associated with the university application process.  Much of this information is shared with students through the Career Studies course. Students will begin to carefully consider Grade 11 and 12 courses that may be relevant to their intended program of study at post-secondary institutions.

In Grade 11, students begin to work closely with Mrs. Bartlett to discuss universities and programs of interest.  A review of current courses and grades is integral to helping students establish destination goals based on university entry requirements. Grade 11 students are encouraged to attend the presentations by visiting university representatives so they can become better acquainted with programs available to them. Visiting university campuses is highly encouraged of students in the Grade 11, before entering their Grade 12 year if possible.

By the time a student has started their Grade 12 year, students will have already created a list of schools and programs of interest.  Regular meetings with Mrs. Bartlett are established in the early part of the school year with each grade 12 student, in order to complete the university and scholarship applications, and to ensure all deadlines throughout the application process are met. For questions about the University Counselling Program, please contact Alyson Bartlett, Director of Academic and University Counselling.

Ms. Janice Clarke, Guidance Assistant is also available to help direct or answer your questions.