Innovative Learning

We are committed to using every resource at our disposal to provide the highest quality education available. This means instruction that integrates the thoughtful, precise use of the latest technological tools to engage girls and help them develop key technical skills. Our commitment to innovation has also resulted in Elmwood being recognized as one of only a handful of Apple Distinguished Schools in Canada.

Our classrooms provide flexible learning environments with furniture that can be reconfigured to accommodate both independent and collaborative work. The walls are covered in IdeaPaint, which transforms our space into a hub of creativity using interactive projectors– allowing the presenter to interact with the projection on the wall. Students use the latest technology, including MacBooks and iPads, for their mastery of reading, writing and reasoning fundamentals and develop research and communication skills.

The Fab Lab is a maker space that provides students with open access to invent and create. They can turn their designs into prototypes using various tools from saw to sewing machines, 3D printers to electronic building blocks.

Elmwood students and parents use a Virtual Learning Environment (VLE) to collaborate and engage outside the class. It provides a space to participate in an online discussion, view assignments and marks, stay up-to-date on events and share photos. 

Whether we're talking about technology and personalization, leading-edge curriculum, agile learning environments or innovative instructional strategies, they all have the same aim: To prepare Elmwood girls for outstanding academic achievement and success beyond Elmwood.

James Whitehouse, Head of School

Principles of Learning

In the future, Elmwood girls will enter a world in which they will be judged on their performance. They will be evaluated not only on their outcomes but also on their collaborative, negotiating, planning and organizational skills. By implementing the latest in learning strategies, we are preparing our students to meet the 21st century with a repertoire of skills that position them for success.

These strategies are embedded in our seven Principles of Learning

  • Inspire active learners that are engaged in learning and actively participate.
  • Embrace the social nature of learning through well-organized collaborative learning while developing independent research and study skills.
  • Develop self-confidence, resilience and a positive attitude towards learning.
  • Challenge and support all learners because everyone learns differently. 
  • Connect learning to the community and the wider world.
  • Foster creativity, innovation and entrepreneurial skills.
  • Empower through technology.