Class of 2024– Next stop: Unstoppable

Where do they go from here?  Anywhere they want!  

Our school community always enjoys celebrating where our graduates are heading next. It's a special time that highlights the result of the graduates' hard work and growth, as well as the support from teachers, staff, and other students. This celebration motivates other students and brings the school community closer, honouring its graduates' achievements and bright futures. Over the next several weeks, with their permission, we will be communicating the exciting destinations and future plans of our Class of 2024 as they are confirmed.  

(Class of 2024, if you haven't let us know you plans yet and would like to, please complete the form here.

This Week's Featured Graduates: 

Gabrielle Jennings

Gabrielle will be attending The University of California at Berkeley in the fall, to study economics. She will also join Berkeley's Division 1 Rowing team. Congratulations Gabrielle!

Yue (Sherry) Xi

Sherry will be attending the University of Waterloo to pursue a degree in Mathematics/Financial Analysis and Risk Management. In her own words, "I selected this university because of its excellent co-op program, which offers valuable hands-on experience and networking opportunities. Additionally, I am honoured to receive the University of Waterloo President’s Scholarship and the Faculty of Mathematics Global Scholarship." Congratulations Sherry!

Ella Young

Ella will be attending the University of Guelph in the fall, to pursue a Bachelor's of Science, Honours, in Major Food Science. Congratulations Ella!

Summa Summarum

The Class of 2024– Destinations to date

Kshirin Anandkumar

Kshirin will be attending the University of Rochester in the fall with the intent to double major in Microbiology and Epidemiology as well as minor in music (in association with the Eastman School of Music). She received the Whipple Science and Research Scholarship and the Research Innovation Grant. In her own words, "I chose UR for its open curriculum and the ability to pursue my interests in languages, humanities, and music while continuing to pursue a career in medicine." Congratulations Kshirin!

Elizabeth Andreou-Daddario

Elizabeth will be attending Concordia's Gina Cody School of Engineering and Computer Science for mechanical engineering with a co-op option, and including an out-of-province scholarship. "I chose Concordia for their incredible co-op opportunities for my program." Congratulations Elizabeth!


Serena Archambault

Serena will be attending Dalhousie University to pursue a Bachelor Degree in Science with a major in Marine Biology! "I chose this school" she says "as it is well recognized in Canada and around the world for Marine Biology and has a great social community." Congratulations Serena!

Cleo Carney

Cleo will be attending Harvard University, she is currently undecided on a degree but is thinking of pursuing political science or environmental science and public policy. "I chose Harvard" she says "because it is one of the top schools for political science and generally best schools in the world." Congratulations Cleo!

Yifou (Mia) Cheng

Yifou (Mia) Cheng will be part of the founding cohort of the Baret Scholars program.  This international gap year program brings together 180 top students from around the globe for a year of international adventure and exploration travelling to seven countries in seven months.  She still plans on filling her year with as many theatre-related endeavours as possible– and after that, theatre school.  Mia has received a full scholarship for the Baret Scholars program.  Good luck Mia!

Rachael Denison

Rachael will be attending McGill University to pursue a Bachelor of Science in Biological, Biomedical & Life Sciences (BSc). Congratulations Rachael!

Sylvia LeBlanc

Sylvia Leblanc will be pursuing the UBCV Sciences Po Bachelor of Arts Dual Degree– a partnership between the University of British Columbia and Sciences Po (l'Institut d'études politiques de Paris)– giving her the opportunity to earn two Bachelor of Arts degrees in four years, while studying in Canada and France. She will be majoring in Politics and Governement at Science Po and International Relations at UBC.  Congratulations Sylvia!

Constantine Maksymiuk Iraheta

Constantine will be attending Trent University for a joint major of Arts and Science with a specialization in Bioarcheology, B.A (Honours) and has received a scholarship for academic performance. Congratulations Constantine! 


Naila Moloo

Naila received the Morehead-Cain Scholarship to the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill where she will be studying materials engineering. The Morehead-Cain will fund a backpacking trip through Alaska this summer, a gap year before college, and tuition, housing, travel, books, and summer experiences for four years of college. It also funds independent research and international study. Congratulations Naila!


Emma Sidle

Emma will be attending McGill University in the fall to pursue a degree in Biological, Biomedical & Life Sciences. About this decision, they say "I am looking forward to the potential of different concentrations for study within biology in this program; I am also looking forward to exploring Montreal." Emma also received  McGill's Major Renewable Undergraduate Entrance Scholarship. Congratulations Emma!


Charlotte Smulders

Charlotte will be attending Concordia University to pursue a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Film Animation. In her own words "I'm excited to embark on a new journey at Concordia, exploring a program which matches my interests in experimental and unconventional animation in beautiful Montreal." Charlotte is also the recipient of the Canada Scholars Award. Congratulations Charlotte!

Camilla Thomson

Camilla will be attending Mt. Allison University in the fall, where she will be pursuing a Major in History with a Minor in both Museum Studies & Biology. Camilla is a Bell Scholar, as a recipient of the Bell Family Achievement Award, one of the university's most prestigious undergraduate awards. She chose Mt. Allison "because of its small size and close-knit community, extensive resources for undergraduates, and the opportunity to explore a wide range of courses and hands-on learning opportunities." Congatualtions Camilla!


Lorrie Whiten

Lorrie Whiten has accepted her offer to Wilfrid Laurier University and will be pursuing a dual degree– a Bachelor of Arts (BA) degree from Laurier and a Bachelor of Laws (LLB) from the University of Sussex in the United Kingdom.  This competitive 6-year program will allow her to gain international experience while studying abroad and perpare her for a career in law in Canada.  Congratulations Lorrie!

Jiaman (Linda) Yin

Jiamin (Linda) Yin has accepted her offer to study at the University of Toronto, pursuing Life Sciences in the Faculty of Arts and Science.   "I chose this school" says Linda, "because of the huge variety in specializations that are offered as a part of the Life Sciences program."  Linda as also been awarded the University of Toronto International Scholar Award merit scholarship. Congratulations Linda!


Fiona Zhang

Fiona will be attending École Supérieure de Commerce de Paris to pursue a Bachelor of Science in Management. Congratulations Fiona!