Strategic Vision

Our Mission

Inspiring each girl to reach her full potential.

Our Vision

Whole Girl. Whole World.

What We Value

Respect, innovation, collaboration, responsibility and integrity.

Our School Culture

“Summa summarum” – Being the best that I can be.

Our Promise

At Elmwood, we recognize that we have a huge responsibility. We’re entrusted with helping guide the academic, social and emotional development of girls so they can become thoughtful, intelligent, balanced and successful women who live well every day. We take this mandate very seriously and it shows in our academics, arts, athletics, and other activities. We believe that every Elmwood girl has amazing potential, and our promise is to help them reach it.

Elmwood launched a five-year Strategic Plan in April 2015. As we move into the final year of our current Strategic Plan, we will start planning our new strategic direction.

Our Principles of Learning

In the future, Elmwood girls will enter a world in which they will be judged on their performance. They will be evaluated not only on their outcomes, but also on their collaborative, negotiating, planning and organizational skills. By implementing the latest in learning strategies, we are preparing our students to meet the 21st century with a repertoire of skills that position them for success.

These strategies are embedded in our seven Principles of Learning: 

1. Inspire active learners: I am at the centre of learning at Elmwood. I am an active participant, engaged in my learning. I know I have a voice and I am encouraged to use it. I understand my unique learning style and I embrace it.

2. Embrace the social nature of learning: My school encourages well-organized collaborative learning. I also have opportunities to work independently to develop my personal research and study skills.
3. Understand cognition, motivation and emotion: Elmwood understands what motivates me and makes learning enjoyable. I have positive beliefs about myself as a learner. My school helps me develop self confidence, resilience and a positive attitude towards all my subjects.

4. Challenge and support all learners: Everyone learns differently. Elmwood understands these
individual differences and devises programs that demand hard work and challenge, but are not excessive.

5. Connect learning: Elmwood encourages me to see that subjects and knowledge are connected to each other, the community and the wider world.

6. Foster creativity, innovation and entrepreneurial skills: I know how to build, create and design. I demonstrate creative thinking, construct knowledge and develop innovative products and services. In doing so I develop leadership, self-reliance, commitment and the ability to adapt.

7. Empower through technology: My school allows me to use technology to empower and leverage my
learning. I use technology to communicate, work collaboratively and learn outside the classroom. We are encouraged to experiment to discover new and better ways of doing things.

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