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Strategic Direction

What we want for the Elmwood community

Our Mission


Inspiring each student to reach their full potential.

Our School Culture

"Summa Summarum" - "Highest of the High"

Our Vision


We're all in, so that she can stand out.

Our Values


Respect, innovation, collaboration, integrity, and responsibility. 

How we'll get there


Our faculty will be challenged, supported and held to the highest standards of teaching. They will be practitioners of the very best and latest pedagogy in education– specifically all-girls education. Our learning environment will be equitable and inclusive, recognizing, respecting, and promoting all girls to encourage confidence, advocacy, communication and collaboration. Our school will be recognized as the very best training environment for teachers.

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Elmwood will provide support, excellent university preparation and networks for girls from Pre-kindergarten through graduation and beyond. 

Our model will centre around a unique mentoring experience at all ages providing curated programing supported by a network of trained Elmwood students, alumnae, families, business partners and connections.  It will allow our girls to develop skills at key transition points, explore passions, achieve university goals, develop networks and build careers. We will provide real work and world learning opportunities that will develop confidence, specialized skills and lifelong connections.

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Elmwood will ensure our girls will learn in an educational environment that supports respect, healthy minds and healthy bodies that is here for generations to come. 

Informed by best practices and the latest research, Elmwood will support the mental and physical health of our girls through wellness, active living and sports programs. We will continue our work with Diversity, Equity and Inclusion focussing on learning and engagement.  Learning and community spaces will encourage collaboration, creativity and cutting-edge learning whilst our  environmental programs and practices will ensure we are responsible environmental stewards, mitigating our environmental impact.

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