On this page, we will provide updates on the development of our Return to School Operational Plan.  This is an evolving situation but we know that preparedness will be key to the success of our 2020-21 academic year and will provide reassurance to our families, both current and prospective.  

Our Return to School Operational Plan will:

  • Be transparent and robust
  • Ensure the safety of our students, staff, families and community
  • Adhere to the most current directives from provincial public health and education authorities
  • Draw on best practices from around the world
  • Support the values of our school community

Our plan will be multi-faceted and based on different scenarios in anticipation of final direction from the Ontario Ministry of Education and Ontario Public Health expected in early August.  While we will endeavour to deliver an educational experience as close to "normal" as possible, based on the most recent information from the Ontario Government, some of the changes you can expect at Elmwood in the Fall include:

  • Daily health screening protocols for students, staff and faculty
  • Modified spaces to accommodate physical distancing 
  • Modified schedules to accommodate a maximum student cohort of 15
  • Increase emphasis on outdoor time 
  • Increased cleaning and sanitizing processes
  • Increased focus on proper hygiene practices
  • At-Home Learning solutions to provide a continuity of support for students/families

Return to School Committees

The following committees have been struck to address the various considerations, opportunities and challenges presented by the return to school.  The Head of School will oversee all committees.

Health and Safety

Chair: Francie Marchand, Nurse Counsellor

Focus: Elmwood’s standing committee on Health and Safety, which includes representation from all divisions, facilities and the Bistro, will spearhead the development and implementation of enhanced health and safety protocols and processes to limit the opportunity for transmission of infection within the physical plan, in alignment with provincial guidelines.

Learning and Teaching

Co-chairs: Christine Blackadar, Deputy Head Junior School, and Meagan Enticknap, Deputy Head Middle and Senior School

Focus: Develop an innovative schedule that supports provincial guidelines for a safe return to school and provides common anchor points for students whether in the classroom or online. Determine and implement teaching models that optimize our learning environments to best deliver the curriculum.

Finance and Services

Co-chairs: Tanja Mackin, Director of Finance and Administration and Elise Aylen, Director of Admissions

Focus: Work with the Finance Committee to develop and monitor a sustainable budget for the 2020-21 academic year. Ensure ancillary services are provided to best accommodate our community in the safest manner possible, including the Bistro Services, Uniform Shop and the transportation of our students.

Co-curricular Learning 

Co-chairs: Stephanie Hanratty, Director of Co-curricular Learning and Erin Derbyshire, Middle School Athletics Director

Focus: Re-imagine the co-curricular program in order to support “whole girl” development within the new return to school guidelines.

Student Life

Co-chairs: Jen Walsh,  Student Life Coordinator and Alli MacDougall, Grade 3 Teacher

Focus: Establish protocols and processes to ensure that the social, emotional well-being of our students is fostered.

Employee Relations

Co-chairs: Melanie D’Alessio, Executive Assistant to Head of School and Andrea Thomson, Director of Development

Focus: Continue with the development of on-going programs that offer support and encouragement to staff and build community.

A Successful Start Begins at Home

Ensuring a smooth transition and a safe and healthy return to school in September starts in the summer.  By ensuring your family is engaged in and practicing the habits and behaviours that will keep our community safe, you are supporting a successful start to the 2020-21 academic year, particularly for our younger students.

  • Encourage frequent handwashing
  • Practice coughing and sneezing into elbows
  • Make temperature checks part of a regular routine
  • Practice physical distancing wherever possible
  • Take the COVD-19 Self-Assessment if you have symptoms or are concerned that you may have been exposed to the virus

We Appreciate Your Feedback

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