Head's Welcome

When we talk to the students about what makes their school special, we get as many different answers as we have students. Not far from every student's answer though is the idea of family and praise for the confident young people who walk these halls. There is something here for each and every girl to love, to get involved in and to find inspiring. 

Over 100 years ago, Theodora Philpot, an entrepreneurial and visionary woman, founded Elmwood School. Although the subjects we teach and the manner in which we teach have evolved dramatically since 1915, Mrs. Philpot would still recognize the essence of the school she created. Every student here is known and valued - we see them as individuals on individual journeys, and we inspire each student to reach their full potential. That is the School's mission statement, and it is a standard that every member of our community lives up to every day. 

Our holistic approach to girls' education combines superior academics with outstanding co-curricular activities and healthy lifestyle choices. The powerful and supportive all-girls environment here gives students the freedom to stretch themselves, take risks and learn from their mistakes. We are specialists in how girls learn, so we can tailor things to exactly what works best for them. 

At the base of everything is our reputation for academic excellence. Elmwood is the only school in Ottawa accredited to deliver all three levels of the International Baccalaureate (IB) programme ranging from preschool right up to the senior grades. This is a fully transferable, world-class education, and the combination of the "gold standard" IB programme and a strong Ontario curriculum is the best preparation for university and beyond. 

When students graduate from Elmwood, they are ready to move on to the next phase of their education with confidence. They have become inquiring, lifelong learners with an exceptional education; confident, caring leaders; and compassionate, engaged global citizens. 

We all look forward to sharing our school with you.

Best regards,

James Whitehouse, Head of School 

Young girl standing in front of her school project
Teacher talking to his students at Elmwood School
Three young girls standing outside of Elmwood school
Two young girls reading in classroom at Elmwood School