The Experts@Elmwood Speaker Series provides the Elmwood community with information, advice and insight on a wide range of topics related to supporting our students to reach their full potential. These sessions provide both parents and students with actionable strategies and can act as a jumping-off point for meaningful conversations between family members, between students and teachers and within the broader community.


Below you will find our past Experts@Elmwood Speakers and their recorded presentations. 

Ann Douglas: Parenting in a Pandemic– Seven Strategies for Parenting Through a Strange and Uncertain Time

Presented on November 23, 2021 

Ann Douglas has been Canada's go-to guide to all things parenting since the publication of her now-classic The Mother of All Pregnancy Books over a decade ago. With the publication of her recent bestsellers, Parenting Through the Storm, and Happy Parents, Happy Kids, she has established herself as a passionate advocate for mental health and wellbeing and one of Canada’s most trusted parenting writers. 

With her unique empowering and encouraging presentation style and ability to combine the latest research with down-to-earth advice, Ann will offer insights and strategies for navigating the minefields of today’s parenting challenges to be the best we can be. 

This session will focus particularly on parents of pre-teens and teens but all parents will be inspired, informed and entertained.  Complete the form to the right to receive the webinar details.

Rachel Simmons: How to Help Girls Move Beyond Impossible Standards of Success to Live Happy, Healthy, Fulfilled Lives

Presented on January 19, 2021

Rachel is a bestselling author, educator and consultant helping girls and women be more authentic, assertive and resilient.  In her most recent bestselling book, Enough As She Is, Rachel explores the fact that while girls have never been more successful, they have also never struggled more with anxiety, stress and depression.

In this talk, Rachel translates the toxic messages about achievement that girls have internalized, and teaches parents the tools to help girls practice self-compassion, redefine success, pursue purpose, and—most importantly—let them know they are enough as they are.

Dr. Mario Cappelli and Stacey Segal, MSW, RSW

Presented on December 2, 2020

The spread of COVID 19 has brought increased stress and anxiety to children, youth, and families. Parents are expected to balance work, caregiving, manage household routines, monitor the safety and well-being of their families while still having to care for themselves.  The level of stress reported by youth during this period has also been unprecedented and has led to increased mental health problems including anxiety, disorder eating, anger, and conflict.  Conventional strategies used to manage many of these challenges may not be sufficient. Attachment-based strategies may be particularly powerful during these challenging times. Parents can use these techniques to help their children cope with their distress, reduce conflict, and strengthen their relationship over time beyond the pandemic.

Dr. Meredith Gillespie: Supporting our Daughters through Anxiety and Loss during COVID-19

Presented on November 18, 2020

While focusing primarily on anxiety within the teenage years—what it is, what it looks like, how it grows and how it may be amplified by stresses related to COVID-19—Dr. Gillespie also discusses concepts of grief and loss to help parents better understand what teens are facing in their everyday lives. In keeping with our understanding of anxiety, grief and loss, and resilience, this session provides practical strategies and parenting tools.