The Arts are Thriving at Elmwood!

By May 30, 2018 Arts
The Arts are Thriving at Elmwood!

On any given day at Elmwood, you’ll see evidence of our students’ incredible creativity and passion for the arts. From the framed artworks around the school, to the joyful singing heard coming from Mrs. Pike’s Junior School music room, and from the girls rehearsing their latest production in the Auditorium to the dulcet tones emanating from Mr. Lyons’ room, the arts are thriving at Elmwood!

This week in particular, we are celebrating the accomplishments of a number of Elmwood artists.

Sunday evening, members of Elmwood Theatre and the Elmwood Cappies Critics Team walked the red carpet and performed an excerpt from Oliver Twist at the Cappies Gala, where they were nominated for a record 13 awards. I was so delighted to see how well the girls performed at the Gala! We are so proud of everyone, and would like to congratulate the following winners:

Marketing and Publicity: Cappies Team
Lighting: Abigail Butler, Zaina Khan and Jagnoor Saran
Costumes: Diya Dadlani, Carine Ladki, Cindy Li and Paige Saunders
Supporting Actress: Leen Zaghloul

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We are also celebrating our outstanding visual artists this week. Thirty-eight of our Senior art students have had work selected for exhibit at the XXXV FIDEM (International Art Medal Foundation) Art Medal Congress and Medal Exhibition at the Museum of Nature from June 1 – July 1, 2018. The theme of the show—”Women and Women in the Natural Sciences”—was a perfect match for our students, with each of them researching and being inspired by a prominent Canadian female geologist. Elmwood Art Teacher Ms. Heawon Chun chose felting as the medium, as it is one of the oldest forms of women’s crafting practices in the world. I was thrilled to get a sneak peek of the exhibition, and was truly impressed with the calibre of their work. I encourage everyone to take in the exhibit—you will find additional details here.


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Offering such a well-rounded arts program at Elmwood would not be possible without the incredible guidance, passion and support of our faculty and staff. Thank you to Mrs. Angela Boychuk, Ms. Karenna Boychuk, Mrs. Pauline Rubarth and Ms. Teresa Marquis for their work with Elmwood Theatre and Cappies Critics, Ms. Heawon Chun for her leadership in the Visual Arts and to all of the other members of our Arts faculty for helping the arts continue to thrive at Elmwood.

– Cheryl Boughton, Head of School

About Cheryl Boughton

Cheryl has been leading Elmwood since August 2008, when she was chosen by the Board of Governors, after a global search, to be the eleventh Headmistress of the School. She has a rich and diverse background in independent education having held progressively senior roles managing independent schools in the United Kingdom.