Oh, The Places They’ll Go!

By April 6, 2017 Head's Blog

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It’s a very exciting time of the year for us. This is the point when our graduating students have received their university offers and they now have difficult decisions ahead of them. Which offers should they accept? Harvard or McGill? University of British Columbia or St. Andrew’s University? Where will they spend their next four years?

Our aim is to ensure that every Elmwood girl has a range of excellent offers to choose from. We encourage them to aim high and support them through every stage in the process. Our Director of Academic Counselling, Ms. Donna Naufal Moffatt, plays an instrumental role in these endeavours. She is dedicated to ensuring that each Grade 12 student knows about the opportunities that await her beyond Elmwood and making sure that they meet the strict deadlines and application criteria so that these opportunities become reality for them.

We thought we would share with you three Grade 12 student profiles to give you a sense of the options they are exploring.They have difficult decisions ahead of them, especially when world class universities such as Harvard and McGill come calling! While I do not know which choices they will make, I am confident that they will make the decisions that are right for them and their imagined futures.

Good luck with your decisions, graduates and thank you to all the members of faculty, especially Ms. Naufal Moffatt, for helping our girls reach this important crossroads in their lives. We can’t wait to see the places you’ll go!

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