Building on Strength

By February 16, 2017 Head's Blog


On Monday we held the first of our master planning sessions. The purpose of the first session was to align our values and priorities. Later in the week, I had a chance to speak to our architect to hear how he felt the session went and to plan for the next one. He was very happy with the outcome, especially about how the students and parents spoke about the warmth and support of the Elmwood community. He has done this process in many schools, but he was amazed by the strength of our community.

We know that when girls feel supported, they excel, both academically and personally. I’m delighted that our architect noticed this aspect of our school because it is something we work hard to create.  School culture and community doesn’t just happen on its own. It’s something that is deliberated made and shaped.

This week we’ve featured stories that explain some of the ways we ensure that each girl feels valued, respected and part of the community.  I hope you enjoy them! Thanks to our Elmwood faculty, staff and students who do so much to create this strong and supportive community.

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Cheryl has been leading Elmwood since August 2008, when she was chosen by the Board of Governors, after a global search, to be the eleventh Headmistress of the School. She has a rich and diverse background in independent education having held progressively senior roles managing independent schools in the United Kingdom.