Beyond the Books

Junior School

The early years are a critical period of development where academic, physical and social foundations are established. Elmwood’s Junior School provides a unique environment where your daughter will experience the best possible start to her school years. Our School is a happy, energetic place where students feel secure and comfortable in taking risks to develop their potential. We provide a broad range of opportunities for girls to discover and extend their interests and passions. When you start something at a young age, there’s no telling where it can lead you.

Explore some of the opportunities available to Elmwood girls from Junior Kindergarten and Grade 5.

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Middle School

This is an exciting time for girls—they go from being children to becoming adolescents who develop their own sense of themselves and the world around them. We believe that engaging students in activities outside of academic work builds leadership skills, character and self-esteem. And of course, the girls have fun and create life-long friendships!

Learn more about the co-curricular activities Middle School girls can participate in at Elmwood.

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Senior School

Senior School is a time when students start thinking about university and their options after Elmwood. While striving for academic excellence during this period of time is important, being involved in activities outside of the classroom can also have an impact on university acceptance and potential scholarships. Additionally, taking advantage of all that Elmwood has to offer helps girls develop into well-rounded young women, which will benefit them long beyond their post-secondary education.

Take a look at some of the opportunities available to Elmwood girls from Grade 9 to Grade 12.

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